New & Used Equipment Start-ups and Training

Since we follow a customer-centered approach, the training provided to customers depends largely on whether they are previous owners of this equipment or not, and if so, how different this new piece of equipment is from their last purchase. We work with the customer to determine what their needs are, how many staff they need trained, and how long the training will last. Typically, a start-up involves training the operators as well as the mechanical staff.

When a new piece of equipment is introduced to a customer, the following are topics normally covered where applicable:

  • Daily Maintenance Procedures 
  • Annual Maintenance Procedures 
  • Winterization Considerations 
  • Hydraulic Overview and Operation 
  • Electrical System Overview and Operation 
  • Air System Overview and Operation 
  • Troubleshooting and Diagnostics 
  • Wear Items 
  • Safety Procedures 
  • Applications 

Proper training and attention to these topics usually translates into less downtime in the use and service of the equipment. 

Classroom Training

As part of our commitment to our customers, we offer training for new equipment delivered. In addition to start-up training, we also provide on request, additional training and re-training for our customers after they have had units in the field for a period of time.We have designed flexibility into our training ‚ tailoring it to suit the needs of the customer in terms of product or application.

Some common training topics include:

  • Safety troubleshooting and effective diagnostics
  • Basic maintenance and maintenance checks
  • Cold weather operation
  • General operating procedures
  • Features and benefits of equipment and options
  • Applications

Some of this training will be classroom-style as well as field specific work. This enables us to have constant customer contact and ensure the customer is utilizing the equipment to its fullest, maximizing production while reducing operating costs.