Zamboni 650 Electric

Zamboni 650 Electric

The Model 650 retains the best features of the 500 Series machines, while introducing dramatic enhancements inside and out. The end result: a machine worthy of a new designation – the 600 Series. Engineered to challenge expectations, its sleek fiberglass body is well-suited to life in an ice arena. AC motors and controls provide new efficiencies and virtually eliminate associated maintenance.

The clean sheet design introduces a chassis accommodating larger heavy-duty battery capacity options up to 770Ah delivering additional resurfacings for your arena’s busy schedule. Industry proven lead acid batteries combine with microprocessor controlled chargers, affording longer battery life. The battery package is easy to access and maintain. Dependable Sevcon® Gen4 controls are built for tough industrial applications. On-board diagnostics provide management of machine functions and status updates.


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Four-wheel drive. Rugged Dana Spicer® axles combine with a 24 HP AC traction motor, providing the most reliable drivetrain in the industry. The efficiently redesigned hydraulic system balances optimum power and reduced energy consumption for a smooth and consistent operation. The 11 hp AC pump motor powers the resurfacing processes. Intelligent chassis design and strategic placement of interior components ensure ease of access. Nearly seventy years ago, Zamboni introduced the world’s first ice resurfacing machine. In the decades since, we’ve proven our position as the maker of the industry’s most reliable and efficient ice resurfacing machine. The innovative structural steel chassis is welded by hand and built to stand the test of time. The unique chassis design accommodates a variety of high capacity batteries. Sculpted fiberglass body panels are rigid and rust-free, allowing convenient access to systems and components. A redesigned distribution of weight provides additional down pressure to the conditioner for superior ice shaving performance. The ergonomics of the operator area have been reimagined with a focus on safety and comfort. Snow tank window placement allows the operator to monitor snow transfer while seated. Vertical auger housing reduces noise and well-placed controls are positioned for ease of operation. Zamboni ice resurfacers have a well-deserved reputation for producing the finest sheet of ice, even after many years of use. The Model 650 is the tailpipe emission-free machine capable of handling the formidable challenges of ice maintenance in the busiest of facilities. Nothing else is even close.

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