Truck Mounted Loader – Tilt Cab Chassis

Truck Mounted Loader – Tilt Cab Chassis

Why use two machines to handle a loading job when there’s one machine that can meet your needs? A PB Loader combines a dump truck and a loader into one unit.


It’s designed to load, haul and dump material with just one machine – so it saves operation costs, reduces manpower and lets you tackle a variety of jobs that would otherwise require several pieces of equipment. PB Loaders are built tough and come equipped with features that improve productivity and safety. An exclusive arm design allows the operator access to the cab when the shovel is on the ground or in the travel position. PB Loaders are available with a 3,000 lb or 5,000 lb shovel lifting capacity, and can be outfitted with a clam, tilt, clam/tilt or standard shovel. Shovel capacities range from 3/4 cubic yard to 1 1/2 cubic yards. Safety switches shut down all systems if the cab door is opened or the dump body is raised during loading operations.

  • Fully hydraulic operation – loader operates with one lever from inside truck cab.
  • Rugged, durable construction for long-term reliable performance.
  • Adaptable to cab-over or conventional truck chassis.
  • Truck doors, dump body and loader are all controlled by interlock switches.
  • Shovel can be stopped in any position.
  • Fast operation cycle – ten seconds.
  • Designed for multiple jobs – leaf and trash removal, clearing and cleaning gutters, handling utility cuts, loading and hauling gravel, dirt or sand.
  • Can be equipped with an emulsion spray system for asphalt patching and road repairs.
  • Popular configurations include standard or tilt shovel, with or without clam attachment.