Trackless MT7

Trackless MT7

The Trackless MT7, when equipped with a variety of attachments (see below for full list, visuals & details), can be put to work every day of the year. Many other power units are either too small in size and power to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time or are too large to work within the space required.



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The MT7 and all attachments are built extremely tough to withstand the most severe conditions. This also translates into an extra long life for the equipment and a high residual value when the time does come to sell or trade in your Trackless equipment.

For winter sidewalk maintenance we offer a heavy duty angle plow, a trip edge sidewalk plow, a five position plow which can function as an angle plow, v-plow or scoop and our standard fixed v-plow.

While plowing the operator can sand or salt the sidewalk. Some customers prefer to mount one of our angle sweepers on the front of their MT7 when the snow is not too deep and they can also sand at the same time. Others mount our water tank on the rear instead of our sander and spray liquid calcium or another de-icing material. When the snow is deeper, customers will use either our standard or ribbon style sidewalk snowblower.

Many municipalities load trucks with one of our snowblowers. This can be accomplished by either using one of our sidewalks snowblowers with a truck loading chute or by running our wider 75-inch wide ribbon snowblower with the hydraulically operated telescopic truck loading chute. The telescopic chute will extend higher than our standard truck loading chute and it lowers for transporting to and from the worksite.

Trackless also provides many municipalities, parks departments and governmental institutions with front mounted angle sweepers up to 8 feet wide for parking lot clean up, to assist street sweepers during spring cleanup, and to help crews during their fall leaf program, whether they are utilizing the Trackless leaf loader or are using another method for leaf collection. Sweeping gravel off of grass is another application and can save many hours of hand raking. Trackless also offers a 48-inch wide sidewalk pickup sweeper with a spray system to keep the dust down while sweeping.

In the spring, not only do municipal crews work with one of our sweepers, many times they will also mount one of our asphalt cold planers for various road repairs. For sidewalk sections that heaved over the winter creating what is referred to as toe trips, we have the solution: our concrete cold planer. It has three times as many carbide grinding picks which leave a much smoother finish on the concrete than coarser asphalt cold planers.

In the summer months, most customers run one or more of our heavy duty commercial mowers. We offer three widths of rotary finishing mowers and for rough areas and high growth vegetation we have a 74-inch wide front flail mower available. One of our most popular mowers is a boom mounted flail for cutting ditches as well as steep banks and along the banks and edges of streams, drainage ditches and ponds.

In the fall, after the last cut with their mowers, customers get ready for the last tough challenge before winter sets in: leaf pickup. The Trackless leaf loader is the best solution as it not only picks up the leaves but it mulches them at the same time. The efficiency of requiring fewer trucks due to the leaves being mulched while loading and that the mulch can be given back to homeowners for their gardens are just two of the many benefits of including a Trackless leaf loader in your attachment lineup.

Other attachments for your consideration include the Trackless aerator, line painter, generator, infrared asphalt heater, stump grinder and large capacity tow behind sander.

In addition to all the attachments offered by Trackless, you can also order the MT7 tractor with the optional rear 540 RPM PTO and category 1 three-point hitch. This allows you to install an attachment you might have for the rear of the tractor, such as a rear three-point hitch flail, a rear rotary cutter, etc.


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