Smith SPS10™ Deluxe Multi-Use Surface Preparator

Smith SPS10™ Deluxe Multi-Use Surface Preparator

The SMITH SPS10™ is the world’s most reliable gas or electric powered surface preparator on the market. Made in the USA by SMITH Manufacturing, the leading manufacturer of cutters and removal equipment, the SPS10™ is #1 choice for the professional looking to remove-it faster with better surface finishes. Users say the SPS10™ outperforms any other competitive model and can outlast even the toughest operators. The SPS10 is available with the most cutter tools and accessories to tackle every type of surface preparation and removal job on asphalt, concrete, steel or wood surfaces. If you are looking to rely on one tool, that’s the easiest to use, maintain and operate then get the SMITH SPS10™. Now available in Deluxe models with upgradeable cutter change-outs, wider removal paths and ease of cut controls.


Standard Specifications

  • Removal width / pass (inches – mm)up to 10″ (254mm)
  • Removal width / pass (inches – mm) Swivel Engaged n/a
  • Removal depth / pass (inches – mm) up to 1/4″ (6.35mm)
  • Hourly Production Rate (LF) (approx.) 2250
  • Height (inches – mm) 44″ (1117.6mm)
  • Width (inches – mm) 19″ (482.6mm)
  • Length (inches – mm) 38″ (965.2mm)
  • Weight (lbs) (without drum, attachments) 250
  • Variable depth adjustment
  • Engage Cam Lever
  • Vacuum Port with Containment Shroud
  • Cutter Shaft OD 9/16″ (14.2875mm)
  • Bushed Drums
  • Quantity Wheels 4
  • Remote Power Shut-Off
  • Ergonomic (Vibration Dampening) Handlebar
  • Side-Loading Cutter Drums
  • Drive System (Direct or # of belts) 1
  • Bearings Sealed (1) or Serviceable (2) 2
  • Manual, Self-Propel or Ride-On Manual


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