Professional Hockey Nets

Professional Hockey Nets

Complete Professional Hockey Net Package

DPNPKG#2 – Official Professional Hockey Net Package – Contains: a Pair of 44” Frames, 6mm Knotless Netting, Bottom Cushions, Back Post Cushions, Net Protectors and Twine (Anchors Extra)

DPNPKG#3 – Package (Same as DPNPKG#2) w/Resin Coated Netting

*Can be ordered assembled (netting and pads installed) for an additional fee.


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Professional Goal Frames

DPNHN44 – Official  44” Frames  Only

Hockey Net Frame Padding

DPNBB44/34 – Bottom Bumpers

DPNCF -Centre Fenders

DPNTF – Top Fenders/Upper Cushions

DPNTCF  – Top Centre Cushions

Net Protectors & Twine

DPNNP – Net Protectors (Resin Coated – Twine Not Included)

DPNTW1LB – Twine 1 LB. Roll

DPNTW2LB – Twine 2 LB Roll


DPNSSPEGS – Goal Frame Anchors Stainless (set of 4) PNSSP – Goal Frame Freeze In Anchors (set of 4)

DPNFT – Frame Transporter – 2 3/8” OD Front Tubing- 4’ x 6’Opening 44” Deep

NHL Standard Powder Coated  Red


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