Perkins Satellite Scooper

Perkins Satellite Scooper

The Perkins SAT Scoop Collector features and easy to access scooper bin. Heavy duty construction, quality performance flexible for all routes. The hydraulic hard top lid an be easily opened which allows for the scoop to dump its contents into the SAT body. When ready the body can be dumped into a standard reloader or compactor. Collection made simple!


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Features and Benefits

The Perkins SAT Scoop Collector offers users the ability to collect refuse from hard to reach places that full-size garbage trucks cannot access.

– Allows collection in parks, beaches, colleges & universities, off-road terrain, warehouses and other facilities, throughways, & remote locations

– Available with 6, 8 & 10 cubic yard collection body (Scoop is welded water-tight and holds 1/2 yard)

– Hydraulically powered hard-top lid or vinyl spring loaded tarp

– Body dumps into standard rear-loader or compactor

– Ideal for F450 chassis-mount

– Bumper system for backing to dump

– Optional work lights available

– ISO 9001 manufacturer

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