Perkins Satellite Lifter Systems

Perkins Satellite Lifter Systems

Mount a Perkins Satellite Lifter System to the rear bed of any standard 8′ pick-up truck and you have yourself a powerful tool for collecting refuse where a typical garbage truck cannot go. Areas including rough terrain, small alleys, remote locations, beaches, parks, and other areas having limited or resbieted access. Available in a variety of configurations to fit eny of your needs.


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Features and Benefits

The Perkins Satellite offers users the ability to collect refuse from hard to reach places full-size garbage trucks cannot access.

– Allows collection in parks, beaches, trails, off-road, warehouses and other facilities, throughways, temporary events, and remote locations

– Available in regular and 60/40 or 70/30 split-body configurations (60/40 is not available with a lifter option)

– Dual side-access doors standard on 6 yard sizes

– Your choice of lifter for hook style carts or barrels

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