Lateral Innovations Waste Material Management

The complete solution that assists you throughout every step of residential and commercial waste materials management.
InnovaSuite consists in our complete software suite – InnovaTrac, InnovaDel, InnovaMap/InnoAVL – and cutting-edge equipment. It aims to optimize every step and aspect of waste materials management, from data acquisition to reporting on fleet’s efficiency and containers tracking.

InnovaSuite helps municipalities to have an impact on residential waste generation as a way to reduce their waste management costs. InnovaSuite also allows waste management services providers to obtain precious data on lifts, containers and collection routes in order to reduce their operating costs and maximize their fleet’s performance.


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The RFID technology that helps you better manage waste materials

InnovaTrac consists of a RFID transponder in the form of chip installed on the bin, a RFID scanner and an onboard computer, as well as a software for data processing. Each batteryless chip’s unique number is red by the scanner and onboard computer during the collection. The bin’s GPS coordinates and the owner’s address are simultaneously transmitted to a central database accessible in real time by office employees and managers, making decision making easier.

InnovaMap & InnoAVL

InnovaMap is the software from InnovaSuite solution that enables real time tracking of your collection operations from anywhere in the world, thanks to the Internet. When the RFID chip installed on the bin is red by the scanner, all relevant information about its status, the address of its owner and its GPS coordinates are transmitted to the software. This way, municipalities just like waste management services providers can follow fleet operations, get a proof of action and identify exceptions, in real time.

InnoAVL is an optional software embedded in InnovaMap that allows real time monitoring of truck routes to GPS coordinates. Together, these two software enable municipalities and waste management services providers to have an overview of their fleets and collection operations.


The software that helps municipalities manage their inventory

Innovadel is part of InnovaSuite and aims to help you manage your waste materials collection asset inventory more efficiently and easily. This software also helps you plan containers deliveries, repair jobs, collections and replacements through the use of direct digital work requests sent to services providers and suppliers on a mobile application.


The alternative solution to track collection in real time

GeoTrac is a solution that allows live tracking of fleet operations for waste management services providers, when wheelie bins are not equipped with RFID chips. With this technology, it is possible to collect basic data during collection such as confirmations of lifts and the logging of exceptions.

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