Labrie Minimax

Labrie Minimax

Throughout our history we have proven our reputation as both an innovator and an industry leader in bringing optimal collection solutions to our customers while delivering the maximum value for every dollar spent. With this in mind, we started considering solutions for short routes, missed pick ups, parks and recreation, airports, university campuses and all the other places where a nimble and maneuverable smaller truck just makes more sense.

The Minimax™ is the Answer

Completely redesigned and built tougher, this truck is the ideal solution for optimizing your route efficiency and reducing costs.


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As the side loader market leader, we designed the Minimax to stand up to our reputation as the industry leader of quality, innovative solutions. To that end, we’ve included all the best features of our larger side loaders into the Minimax to ensure it is the most productive and reliable truck in its category.


 • 10, 12 and 14 yd3 body configurations available in manual, semi or fully automated
 • Trusted Helping Hand arm with standard 84″ reach on automated configuration
 • Full eject dumping system for a safe unloading process
 • Multiplex electrical system
 • Standard Durascope nitrated packer/ejector cylinders with shavers


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