Henderson BrineXtreme Ultimate Mobile Unit

Henderson BrineXtreme Ultimate Mobile Unit

The BrineXtreme Ultimate – Mobile Unit. Recognizing this issue, Henderson has developed a solution that allows you to take the show on the road. The BrineXtreme Ultimate – Mobile Unit is the first of its kind. If you have access to rock salt, electricity and a fresh water supply at satellite locations, you can make professional grade salt brine on the spot. The mobile unit also allows neighboring towns, cities and counties to share a single brine making system.


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  • Mobile salt brine production
  • 100% automation, repeatability & self cleaning
  • Continuous production – up to 9,600 GPH
  • Salt hopper – 5 cu. yd. capacity, expandable to 8 cu. yd.
  • Mid-flow design
  • Industrial grade construction (stainless steel) and components
  • Precision salt brine concentration (23.3%) – accurate to 0.001 SG
  • Easily handles treated or untreated rock salt
  • Data Logging
  • 10.4” LCD touch screen display
  • Remote access via cellular or WiFi

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