Guardian Alert Back Up Alarm

Only ESCORT® Guardian Alert™ provides the protection of 3-Dimensional/ 3-Zone Dopler Radar. ESCORT® Guardian Alert™ is an advanced, fleet-tested and time-proven Doppler Radar System for obstacle detection and collision avoidance while backing (reversing).


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Features and Benefits:

Utilize an intelligent, patented scanning system to detect “blind zone” obstacles and provides “active” driver notification to help avoid collisions and backover accidents. This intelligent sensing and detection logic greatly reduces false alerts. A dual alarm system alerts drivers audibly with a loud warning tone and visually with 3 LED’s. ESCORT Guardian Alert’s Doppler Radar detection beam covers a three dimensional “protection zone.” This begins at the sensor and covers the entire width of the vehicle, 18-feet back, from just above the ground to a height of 5 feet. Alert zones at: 18 feet, 12 feet, 6 feet and 3 feet from the rear of the vehicle alert the driver to the closeness of objects and people in the backing area. When an obstacle or person is in the backing path at a distance of 12 feet, the display will begin to flash a yellow/green light. When the distance closes to 6-feet, the display will change to a red/green light and emit a fast audible tone. At 3 feet, the display will turn to a solid red and emit a continuous tone, warning the driver that an object or person is dangerously close to the vehicle. The sound frequency utilized is a fast and continuous tone that has been selected to be very noticeable and is of sufficient volume to be heard over engine noise.

Single sensor cover the entire width of the vehicle, active only when the vehicle is placed in reverse (Eliminating annoying false alarms). Works in all weather and light conditions- senses through ice, rain, fog, snow etc: not affected by dirt or salt (does the rear end of your vehicle get dirty)? Maintenance free: ESCORT Guardian Alert™ is ruggedly constructed with commercial operation in mind. Minimizes vehicle downtime and driver time loss due to backing accidents. Lowers property damage costs (in most cases the cost of the system is less than the insurance deductable). ESCORT Guardian Alert’s Doppler RADAR (in most cases the cost of the system complies with all FCC Regulations.

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