The GINOVE stationary SWS 1000 is the most ecological and efficient containers cleaning system in the industry.
In only 45-50 seconds, the SWS 1000 equipped with GINOVE unique rotating water spray nozzles design cleans the inside / outside of the cart and its lid of any carts models including compost carts with screen mesh bottom !
Thanks to GINOVE patented technology piston pumps system carts are washed usign filtered water and rinsed with clean water minimizing fresh water consumption therefore odours and germs are elimated and cross contamination from one cart to another is prevented.

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• Semi-automated cart tipper

• Adaptable to 120L-360L carts

• GINOVE unique filter system

• Safety enclosure with front door

• 575V / 25hp / 3ph electric motor

• Control panel

• Hydraulic rotating water nozzles system

• Clean inside and outside the carts

• 45 seconds cycle time

• Productivity of up to 55 carts / hour

• Manuel cart tipper control

• 360° rotating water nozzles for maximal performance

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