Galfab – Wastebuilt Winamac compactors, containers and self-dumping hoppers

Waste equipment comes in all sizes, styles, and shapes, each to perform a particular function or task. Galfab has been designing, manufacturing and selling waste equipment for nearly seventy years. Each product continues to be made with the quality and integrity of the Galfab reputation.


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Wastebuilt Winamac is recognized throughout the industry as a premier designer and manufacturer of waste equipment of all types. Wastebuilt Winamac is home of the leading brand in the hoist industry, Galfab, as well as many other products including compactors, containers and self-dumping hoppers.
Single Axle Outside Rail HoistSingle Axle Extendible Tail HoistOutside Rail HoistInside/Outside Rail HoistExtendible Tail HoistShort Extendible Tail HoistNOR New VersionNEX SeriesAbove Frame Hoist

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