Easy Dump

Easy Dump

Designed for hauling trash, ground cover, and yard waste in restricted areas where large trucks are prohibited. Utilized with a pick-up truck, this unit becomes a multi-purpose tool for any general hauling projects.


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The Refuse Vehicle That Goes Where The Big Trucks Can’t

» Perfect  for  Parks, Alleyways,  Downtown Areas and  Other  Restricted Areas

» Mounts on Any  Full  Size  Pick-Up (8 Ft Bed)

» Dumps Into  Full  Size  Rear  Loaders  or  Landfills

» Available as  Single  Stream,  or   60/40 Split  Box

» Optional Bayne  Rear  Cart  Tipper

» Doubles as  a  Container  Delivery  Truck

» Heavy  Duty  Steel  Body

» Structural  Tube  Frame



Installation is  easy  and  there  is  no  modification  required. All  hardware  and  wiring  is included  and  is ready to  mount. Unit  can  be  mounted  onto  truck  bed  or  directly  to  frame.


Heavy duty  steel  body  with  structural  tubing  frame  assembly.  Self-contained  dual  cylinder electrical hydraulic  system   is   designed   to   be  waterproof.  Hinge  point  lubrication  and  3/4″ solid steel  hinge pins provide  long  life  to  the  unit.  Drain  hole  for  easy  clean  out. Drop down side doors on 6 cu. yd.


Powder Coated.  Standard colors  include:  green,  brown,  red,  blue,  white.


One Year Warranty

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