Duralift Urban Forestry Unit

Experience the compact capabilities of the DTAX lightweight and maneuverable (Class 5) design with a side reach of 30 feet and a working height of 50 feet.


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– Proportional controls

– Lower controls with override located at the turntable

– Engine start/stop from the basket

– Individual control levers


– Rated pressure is 2200 PSI

– Operating pressure is 2000 PSI n Open center hydraulic system n 180º rotating basket


– Telescoping and articulating boom action

– Offset main boom reduces travel height

– Shear ball rotation driven

– Fully enclosed worm gear box

– Non-continuous rotation

– Insulated extension boom 46 kV DTAX

– 24” x 24” x 42” basket

– 110V outlet at upper controls DTAXS


– Single hand joystick upper control

– Outrigger or torsion bars

– 12 volt DC backup

– Fixed basket position (side or end)

– Basket offered in various sizes and configurations

– Basket liner 50 kV DTAX n Main boom fiberglass insert DTAX

– Chassis insulator art boom fiberglass insert DTAX

– Continuous rotation

– Tool trays of various sizes n Basket and control cover

– Upper and lower hydraulic tool circuits

– Lower stow/dump control

– Special paint color

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