Duralift DPM2-32

The new top mounted jib and winch allows the operator to rotate the jib to work on either side of the rotating basket. The hydraulically activated basket elevator allows the operator to raise the basket 22” without repositioning the booms or the jib.


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– Proportional controls

– Lower override controls

– Engine start/stop from basket

– Basket access from ground

– Insulated models available in category C, D and E

– Hydraulic basket leveling

– Rotating basket

– Continuous rotation

– Joystick and lockout controls

– 180° basket rotator


– 22” basket elevator

– High electrical resistant controls

– Outriggers

– Basket liner for fiberglass baskets

– Fiberglass main boom insert

– Tool circuits

– D.C. backup system

– Aluminum basket

– Non-insulated version available

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