Duralift DO 32/36

DO Models have working heights to 41 feet and side reaches to 30 feet on a 15,000 GVW chassis with pedestal mounted outriggers. Our boom controls give Overcenter Aerial Lifts Insulated or Non-Insulated you the finest feathering capability in the industry, and the space saving pedestal gives you more work area in the truck bed. These features, along with several others, make the DO model the one to consider for your next aerial lift


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• Full Pressure Proportional Controls.

• Upper Control Shut-off provided at the Turntable.

• Three Control Levers at the Turntable and Basket.

• Deadman at the Basket.

• Engine Start/Stop from the Basket.


• Rated Pressure is 2200 PSI.

• Operating Pressure is 2000 PSI.

• 5 to 7 GPM Pump Flow.

• 11 gallon Oil Reservoir.

• Open Center System.

• Hose connection manifolds in Boom.


• Rotation by hydraulic driven spur gear with shearball rotation bearing.

• Basket Support and Boom Support.


• Integral Holding Valves in each Cylinder.

• Pressure Relief Valve.

• Upper Boom constructed of fiberglass and rated for work voltages to 46 KV and below.

• Non-conductive hoses provide control through the insulated boom section.


• Continuous Rotation

• Torsion Bar

• Hydraulic Outriggers

• 12V DC Full Function Backup System

• Single Hand Control Lever

• Basket Liner

• Basket and Control Cover

• Hydraulic Basket Dump

• Hydraulic Tool Circuit at Basket and Pedestal

• Lower Boom Fiberglass Insert

• Upper Boom Electrical Test Bands

• Lower Boom Lifting Eye

• Pedestal Riser

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