Carlton 1712-disk-chipper

The 1712 incorporates many standard features including, live hydraulics, hydraulic lift and crush
cylinder, variable feed, and digital adjustable autofeed control.

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Live hydraulics run the hydraulic pump directly off an integral engine plug in. This direct plug in of the hydraulic pump minimizes maintenance since there is no pump belt to maintain and no side loading of the pump shaft. This feature also allows the hydraulic pump to run all hydraulic functions without the cutting disk engaged – great for service and inspection.

The standard lift and crush cylinder allows the operator to open the feed wheels when feeding in large butt cut ends or also provide crushing power when necessary. This lift cylinder allows easy access to the anvil for servicing. The digital adjustable autofeed monitors engine RPM and stops the feed automatically. This system has the ability to start and stop the feed of the material into the chipper based on parameters set by the operator.

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