Ampliroll-Marrel AL95

Do you have trucks that are not always being used?
Do you have a difficult time finding quality drivers?
Is there a piece of equipment you could use,
but can’t justify adding another truck?
It’s Multi-tasking for your truck.
The possibilities are Infinite.
With an Ampliroll® you can do just about anything.

Deliver – Load – Dump

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  1. Sliding Jib gives you greater range of body body lengths and optimal weight distribution.
  2. Twin Pivot allows you to dump a uniform pile of material.
  3. Dual Cylinders gives greater stability while dumping and loading.
  4. Safely operated from the drivers seat.
  5. Dock Level loading and unloading
  6. Double your payload by pulling another body on a trailer.
  7. Maneuverable to operate, the container can be loaded within a 60 degree arc.
  8. Spot the container exactly were you want it, by pushing it into place with no damage
  9. Quickly loads a body in less than one minute.
  10. Investment that will outlast your truck, Amplirolls® will last over 25 years.
  11. Meets all highway safety standards.

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