Galfab is recognized throughout the industry as a premier designer and manufacturer of waste equipment of all types. As a leading brand in the hoist industry, Galfab not only offers a legendary hoist designed by Don Galbreath, but has other products including compactors, containers and selfdumping

Several products are available:

  • Multi-Axle Cable Hoists
    Single Axle Cable Hoists
    Hook Hoists
    Pup Trailers
    Roll-Off Containers
    Tub Open Top Container
    Open Top Containers
    Octagon Compactor
    Receiver Containers
    Tapered Compactor
    Receiver Containers
    Gasketed Tailgate Containers
    Recycling Containers
    Custom Engineered Containers Compactors
    Self-Contained Compactor
    Front/Rear Load Compactor Stationary Compactor
    (Stubby) Stationary Compactor
    (Mini) Self-Dumping Hoppers
    Rock N Dumper