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  • GINOVE SWS 1000 - Saunders Equipment


    GINOVE SWS 1000

    The GINOVE stationary SWS 1000 is the most ecological and efficient containers cleaning system in the industry.
    In only 45-50 seconds, the SWS 1000 equipped with GINOVE unique rotating water spray nozzles design cleans the inside / outside of the cart and its lid of any carts models including compost carts with screen mesh bottom !
    Thanks to GINOVE patented technology piston pumps system carts are washed usign filtered water and rinsed with clean water minimizing fresh water consumption therefore odours and germs are elimated and cross contamination from one cart to another is prevented.

  • GINOVE SWS 100 - Saunders Equipment


    GINOVE SWS 100

    The GINOVE SWS 100 washing unit is the most productive and economical trash-can cleaning system on the market.
    In only 45 seconds, the SWS 100 equipped with our unique water spray nozzles design clean the inside of the cart,
    including compost carts with the mesh screen bottoms ! The outside and the lid can be cleaned with the pressure washer
    machine before or after the washing cycle.
    The GINOVE water separation system allows for draining recycled water into the sewer system, the solid waste collected at the bottom of the unit is easily removable and may be used as compostable.