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  • Zamboni Connect - Saunders Equipment

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    Zamboni Connect

    A NEW PARTNER IN RINK MANAGEMENT… Zamboni Connect™ gives you insight into resource management and decision-making based on actual machine and operator performance. Monitor and evaluate detailed results of your fuel/electric/water consumption for the opportunity to conserve and save money. Optimize the performance and reliability of your equipment with detailed routine and scheduled maintenance items in advance of inconvenient or unplanned service interruptions. Give your team the platform to communicate, document, and reference important information about the ice maintenance process. The Internet of Things is coming to the ice industry and your arena. Once again, Zamboni is leading the way.

  • Zamboni 450 Electric - Saunders Equipment

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    Zamboni 450 Electric


    Introducing the high energy density of lithium-ion batteries to a proven and rugged workhorse
    for unbeatable electric-powered performance.

  • Zamboni 526 - Saunders Equipment

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    Zamboni 526

    Power and efficiency without compromise. The powerful high-output compact engine introduces a new era of fuel efficiency, providing
    significant savings and a cleaner arena environment.

  • Zamboni 446 - Saunders Equipment

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    Zamboni 446

    The ergonomically designed, roomy and comfortable operator’s compartment has easy-to-read gauges and instructions and comes with a modern steering wheel and spinner knob. All the operator has to do is set the engine speed with the hands-free governor and drive the machine using a familiar automobile-style foot control.

  • Zamboni 650 - Zamboni Parts - Saunders Equipment

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    Zamboni 650 Electric

    The Model 650 retains the best features of the 500 Series machines, while introducing dramatic enhancements inside and out. The end result: a machine worthy of a new designation – the 600 Series. Engineered to challenge expectations, its sleek fiberglass body is well-suited to life in an ice arena. AC motors and controls provide new efficiencies and virtually eliminate associated maintenance.

    The clean sheet design introduces a chassis accommodating larger heavy-duty battery capacity options up to 770Ah delivering additional resurfacings for your arena’s busy schedule. Industry proven lead acid batteries combine with microprocessor controlled chargers, affording longer battery life. The battery package is easy to access and maintain. Dependable Sevcon® Gen4 controls are built for tough industrial applications. On-board diagnostics provide management of machine functions and status updates.

  • Zamboni / Latec Level Ice - Saunders Equipment

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    Zamboni / Latec Level Ice

    Introducing the Latec™ Level-Ice™ laser leveling system. Automated precision blade control provides consistently level ice and significant savings of energy, water and time.

  • Zamboni 200 - Saunders Equipment

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    Zamboni 200

    The Zamboni Model 200 is a tractor-pulled unit with a 77” blade – the same width as the 500 Series machines. The Model 200 is designed with the operator in mind and features a control console within reach and easy access to the blade and other adjustable components. It can be attached to any 3-point hitch tractor with an adequate capacity.

  • Zamboni 100 - Saunders Equipment

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    Zamboni 100

    The Zamboni Model 100 is a miniature unit which is approximately 1/10th the size of the 500 Series machines. It is ideally suited for small rinks with surfaces of 1,000 to 3,000 square feet. Its design adapts to several popular garden tractors. The Model 100 shaves the ice, picks up the shavings and lays down a fresh sheet of ice making water in one efficient operation.

  • Zamboni Power Edger - Saunders Equipment

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    Zamboni Power Edger

    The robust 10.5 hp engine powers long-lasting eight-sided cutters for exceptional performance.
    Choose from a variety of fuel and start options for maximum efficiency and ease of operation.

  • The Zamboni Edger EZIII provides an emission-free solution for your arena’s edging needs - Ice Edger - Saunders Equipment

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    Zamboni Edger EZIII

    The EZ III provides an emission-free solution for your arena’s edging needs. The powerful, yet quiet battery operated unit has a wide eight-sided cutting surface for maximum efficiency. Designed with the facility operator in mind, the EZ III brings a new level of reliability and performance to the edging process.

  • Zamboni Conti Blade Changer - Saunders Equipment

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    Zamboni Conti Blade Changer


    The Conti Blade Changing Assistant (CBCA) allows facility operators to perform a safe and simple blade installation/removal without touching the blade itself.

    Magnetic handles secure the blade for movement from sheath to the CBCA and back to the sheath. Operators do not need to make physical contact with the exposed blade.

  • Zamboni FastICE - Saunders Equipment

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    Zamboni FastICE

    The FastICE® system creates superior ice with a computer controlled high pressure pump for an even and accurate fine mist water application. This reduces the need to maintain ice that is thicker than necessary and results in significant savings of time and energy.