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  • Zamboni Connect - Saunders Equipment

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    Zamboni Connect

    A NEW PARTNER IN RINK MANAGEMENT… Zamboni Connect™ gives you insight into resource management and decision-making based on actual machine and operator performance. Monitor and evaluate detailed results of your fuel/electric/water consumption for the opportunity to conserve and save money. Optimize the performance and reliability of your equipment with detailed routine and scheduled maintenance items in advance of inconvenient or unplanned service interruptions. Give your team the platform to communicate, document, and reference important information about the ice maintenance process. The Internet of Things is coming to the ice industry and your arena. Once again, Zamboni is leading the way.

  • Johnston RT655, cost effective, efficient road sweeping - Saunders Equipment


    Sweeper Parts

    All part and accessories needed to repair, maintain and add to your Johnston sweeper. We service all brands.

  • Zamboni 650 - Zamboni Parts - Saunders Equipment


    Zamboni Parts

    All part and accessories needed to repair, maintain and add to your Zamboni. We service all brands.

  • Guardian Alert Back Up Alarm - Saunders Equipment


    Guardian Alert Back Up Alarm

    Only ESCORT® Guardian Alert™ provides the protection of 3-Dimensional/ 3-Zone Dopler Radar. ESCORT® Guardian Alert™ is an advanced, fleet-tested and time-proven Doppler Radar System for obstacle detection and collision avoidance while backing (reversing).

  • Dump-Lok Safety Stands - Saunders Equipment

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    Dump-Lok Safety Stands

    The Dump-Lok steel braces lock your truck’s dump box in the raised position, preventing it from falling in cases of system failure or operator error. Plus, Dump-Lok safely holds dump bodies at angles higher than most dump truck manufacturer body props, giving workers safe access to more areas underneath the truck’s raised body.