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  • Gator Getter - Saunders Equipment

    Gator Getter

    Gator Getter™ was designed to be used as fast speed highway debris removal equipment. This  equipment works by scooping up debris as you are driving down the road. At regular speeds, it will push the item up and around the barrel to a collection tray which will hold it until emptied. The  most important virtue will be the safety significance of not having personnel in the road to remove  debris in a traffic stream, no road shut downs, no traffic slow downs.

  • Steam Johnny is a propane gas-fired high pressure boiler for thawing road culverts and drains, water supply and sewer pipes, gutters and rainwater pipes ...

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    Steam Johnny – High Pressure Steam Boiler

    The Steam Johnny is a propane gas – fired high pressure steam boiler for thawing:
    Road culverts & drains
    Water supply, wells & sewer pipes
    Gutters & rainwater pipes
    Hardening of Concrete
    Steaming of Tanks
    Heating of PVC pipes, etc.

  • Zone Defense Camera System - Saunders Equipment

    Zone Defense Camera System

    Accident Avoidance Systems

  • Sandbagger - Saunders Equipment


    Automated sandbag filling system.

  • Guardian Alert Back Up Alarm - Saunders Equipment


    Guardian Alert Back Up Alarm

    Only ESCORT® Guardian Alert™ provides the protection of 3-Dimensional/ 3-Zone Dopler Radar. ESCORT® Guardian Alert™ is an advanced, fleet-tested and time-proven Doppler Radar System for obstacle detection and collision avoidance while backing (reversing).

  • Dump-Lok Safety Stands - Saunders Equipment

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    Dump-Lok Safety Stands

    The Dump-Lok steel braces lock your truck’s dump box in the raised position, preventing it from falling in cases of system failure or operator error. Plus, Dump-Lok safely holds dump bodies at angles higher than most dump truck manufacturer body props, giving workers safe access to more areas underneath the truck’s raised body.

  • Carlton Stump Cutters - Saunders Equipment

    Carlton stump-cutters

    J.P. Carlton manufactures a complete line of track-mounted stump cutters. These machines are the most versatile machines built today. Every machine in our line is manufactured with the same commitment to quality components and craftsmanship.

  • Carlton 2015 Drum Chipper - Saunders Equipment

    Carlton 2015-drum-chipper

    The J.P. Carlton 2015 Apache chipper shares many of the quality design features of its bigger brother – the 2518 – while coming in a smaller, lighter, more compact size.

  • 2518 Drum Chipper - Saunders Equipment

    Carlton 2518-drum-chipper

    J.P. Carlton’s newest series in Drum Style Chippers- The Apaches. The 2518 features a massive 25-inch by 18-inch opening combined with a 37-inch diameter pocketed drum, allowing it to easily consume the largest trees. Aggressive feeding is handled by a dual pump hydraulic system controlled by a digital reversing autofeed system. The J.P. Carlton Apache series uses an exclusive long pivot arm for the 15¾” diameter top feed wheel. This long arm pivot gives the top feed wheel a smooth vertical lift path, allowing for easy opening over the largest butt ends. The Apache series also incorporates an exclusive Air Vortex Control to channel and accelerate discharge air, giving the Apache series high discharge velocities and great chip throwing power.

  • Carlton 2018 Disk Chipper - Saunders Equipment

    Carlton 2018-disk-chipper

    The J.P. Carlton 2018HD Wood Chipper is designed and built to stand up in the toughest applications, able to withstand all the punishment you and your crew can dish out. From its high capacity axles and tires, to its heavy-duty frame, back to the rigid 3/8″ feed table, the 2018HD is built right. J.P. Carlton understands the environment the 2018HD must survive in everyday. Thoughtful design elements like concealed wiring, integrated single manifold hydraulics with electronic control, dual lift cylinders, full – length radiator protection guards keep the 2018HD operating at peak performance year after year. For Durability and Dependability nothing compares to J.P. Carlton.

  • Carlton 2012-2512 Disk Chipper - Saunders Equipment

    Carlton 2012-2512-disk-chipper

    The J.P. Carlton 2012 Wood Chipper features 20-inch long feed rollers, while the 2512 features 25-inch long feed rollers. The longer rollers on the 2512 give it a wider throat at the rollers, making it feed more aggressively. The 2512 is available as an HD (heavy-duty) model for the most difficult chipping conditions. The HD model comes with a 9000 lb. Dexter Torflex axle and an extreme duty 3- by 6-inch steel frame. No matter what the project, no matter what the conditions, J.P. Carlton has the right wood chipper for you.

  • Carlton 1790 Disk Chipper - Saunders Equipment

    Carlton 1790-disk-chipper

    The Carlton Model 1790 wood chipper is the most versatile and powerful 9-inch disk style chipper available. The 1790 is portable enough to be pulled by a light duty pick-up truck, yet powerful enough to fill even the largest chip trucks. It incorporates several Carlton exclusive features like  ual lift cylinders, Imron paint, 32-cubic-inch infeed motors and integrated reversing autofeed.
    The 88 hp turbo diesel Kubota engine powers massive 10Z\x x 17-inch feed rollers allowing the 1790 to easily chip 9-inch material continuously.