Rasco Solid C

The SOLID C spreader is specifically designed for combined spreading. In addition to dry and pre-wetted spreading, it also enables liquid spreading due to its construction that allows carrying additional liquid agent tanks.

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Combined spreading for a high degree of efficiency

Combined spreading provides flexibility in situations when one vehicle is used for road maintenance in different weather conditions. The combination of dry, pre-wetted and liquid spreading reduces the total consumption of spreading material and increases the efficiency of use of a single winter service vehicle. 

Exceptional efficiency of combined spreading is enabled by three available designs of SOLID C spreaders – SOLID CX, SOLID CT and SOLID CL. Spreader designs differ depending on the conveyor system for the dry agent (auger, chain or belt conveyor) in combination with liquid spreading. The control unit and design of the SOLID C spreader enable spreading with dry material, spreading with pre-wetted material with different liquid ratios, liquid spreading via the spinner or liquid spreading using a ramp with nozzles.

Simple mounting and power requirements 

The process of mounting and demounting the spreader from the vehicle is simple due to the system of mounting legs and quick couplings, while a unique surface protection guarantees a long lifespan of the device. The spreader can be powered through a hydraulic system installed on the vehicle or through a separate diesel hydraulic power unit installed on the spreader. 

In-built spreading precision

 High precision and efficiency of spreading are enabled by the quality of construction of all spreader components and the EPOS control unit which enables the control of all spreading parameters directly from the vehicle cabin.

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