Ice Resurfacer Automatic Water Filling System

Overflowing ice resurfacer water tanks are eliminated with our patented fill control system. The control consists of a remote sensor mounted on the resurfacer, a solenoid valve and a control unit. When the resurfacing tank is full and starts to overflow, the sensor detects it and sends a radio signal to the control unit which then shuts off the hot water valve. The system is automatic. You do not need to pay someone to stand there and watch the resurfacer tank fill up. Ice cut scheduling is also simplified with the time delay fill. Just program the fill control like an alarm clock for  a set time (e.g. 11:30am) or an interval (e.g. 90 minutes), put the hose in the filler, hit the start switch and forget it. At the programmed time, the control will fill the resurfacer tank and shut itself off when the tank is full

Product Description

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Other features include:

. 2 line Alphanumeric display- gives time, status or instructions

. Audible and visible alarms

. Adjustable backup safety timer

. Microprocessor controlled (some features are programable)

. Last fills history recall (used by rink managers to check on past ice surface cut times)

. Low voltage controls for electrical safety

. Easy to operate

. 6 months labour & parts warranty

. Self installation (typically under 2 hours)

. Multiple resurfacer  filling or Multiple filling stations** with multiple resurfacers

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