Duralift DTAX 39 /42 / 44

With superior working heights up to 49 feet and side reach up to 30 feet, this arial lift allows quick and easy work. Now available to meet new ANSI A92.2 standards. Compacts design and stowing.


Product Description

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– Proportional controls

– Lower controls with override located at the turntable

– Engine start/stop from the basket

– Individual control levers


– Rated pressure is 2200 PSI

– Operating pressure is 2000 PSI n Open center hydraulic system n 180° rotating basket


– Telescoping and articulating boom action

– Offset main boom reduces travel height

– Shear ball rotation driven

– Fully enclosed worm gear box

– Non-continuous rotation

– Insulated extension boom 46kv DTAX

– 24”x24”x42” basket

– 110v outlet at upper controls DTAXS


– Single hand joystick upper control

– Outrigger or torsion bars

– 12v D.C. backup

– Fixed basket position (Side or End)

– Basket offered in various sizes and configurations

– Basket liner 50kv DTAX

– Main boom fiberglass insert DTAX

– Chassis isolator art boom fiberglass insert DTAX

– Continuous rotation

– Tool trays of various sizes n Basket and control cover

– Upper and lower hydraulic tool circuits

– Tail shelf with walk-up

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