Duralift DPM 47-52

Convenient access to all the compartments right from the basket. -35º boom angle allows for access to the basket from ground level. Conveniently positioned controls will allow the operator to be more effective when maneuvering their


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– Proportional controls

–  Lower override controls

– Engine start/stop from basket

– Basket access from ground

– Compensated upper boom

– Insulated cat “C” extension boom

– Hydraulic basket leveling

– Continuous rotation

– Joystick and lockout controls


– Up to 1000# jib and winch

– Upper and lower winch control

– 400# basket capacity

– 24” X 30” fiberglass basket

– 180° basket rotator

– Up to 1000# jib and winch

– 550# basket capacity when not using winch

– 400# basket capacity when using winch

– 24” X 42” fiberglass basket n 24” X 42” aluminum basket n 100° basket rotator


– High electrical resistant controls

– Outriggers

– Basket liner for fiberglass baskets

– Tool circuits

– Fiberglass main and articulating booms

– D.C. backup system

– 180° basket rotator DU

– Aluminum basket

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