Duralift DHT 30 / 32 / 34

Heavy Duty Telescoping Lifts with working heights of 35’, 37’, and 39’. New features include a lower stow angle for easy basket entry, a short stowed length and height, internal hoses, lower basket to boom mount, optional lower boom insert and 180° basket rotator.


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• Full Pressure Proportional Controls mounted on the Basket for easy access in all boom positions.

• Upper Control Shut-off provided at the Turntable.

• Three Control Levers at the Turntable and Basket, with deadman at the Basket.

• Engine Start/Stop from the Basket.


• Rated Pressure is 2200 PSI.

• Operating Pressure is 2000 PSI.

• 5 to 7 GPM Pump Flow.

• 10 gallon Oil Reservoir.

• Open Center System.

• Hose connection manifolds in Boom.


• Basket levelling by Master/Slave Hydraulic system.

• Rotation by hydraulic driven spur gear with shearball rotation bearing.

• Basket Support and Boom Support.


• Integral Holding Valves in each Cylinder.

• Pressure Relief Valve.

• Upper Boom constructed of fiberglass and rated for work voltages to 46 KV and below.

• Non-conductive hoses provide leveling and control through the insulated boom section.


• Continuous Rotation

• Torsion Bar

• 12V DC Full Function Backup System

• Single Hand Control Lever

• Basket Liner

• Basket and Control Cover

• Hydraulic Tool Circuit at Basket and Pedestal

• Hydraulic Outriggers

• Lower Boom Fiberglass Insert

• 180° Basket Rotator

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