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    Zamboni Connect

    A NEW PARTNER IN RINK MANAGEMENT… Zamboni Connect™ gives you insight into resource management and decision-making based on actual machine and operator performance. Monitor and evaluate detailed results of your fuel/electric/water consumption for the opportunity to conserve and save money. Optimize the performance and reliability of your equipment with detailed routine and scheduled maintenance items in advance of inconvenient or unplanned service interruptions. Give your team the platform to communicate, document, and reference important information about the ice maintenance process. The Internet of Things is coming to the ice industry and your arena. Once again, Zamboni is leading the way.

  • level-ice

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    Zamboni / Latec Level Ice

    Introducing the Latec™ Level-Ice™ laser leveling system. Automated precision blade control provides consistently level ice and significant savings of energy, water and time.

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    Zamboni Power Edger

    The robust 10.5 hp engine powers long-lasting eight-sided cutters for exceptional performance.
    Choose from a variety of fuel and start options for maximum efficiency and ease of operation.