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  • rl3


    Petersen RL-3

    The rear-mounted RL-3 is designed for loading into attached trailers or into separate haul trucks.

  • dl3


    Petersen DL-3

    The DL-3 is specially engineered for high volume collection. It’s available in our two largest body sizes. With fewer trips to the landfill, you get the job done quicker.

  • rs3


    Petersen RS-3

    It only takes one man to drive, lift, and load 7,000 lbs., and he never has to leave the climate-controlled cab. The maneuverable RS-3 is a rare breed, letting you get the job done faster and safer.

  • cp3


    Petersen CP3

    The CP-3 lifts and hauls containers, letting you get the job done quicker with no trailer required. Minimize the headache and downtime that come with hooking up, loading, hauling, and backing a trailer.

  • hardox


    Petersen Hardox

    When quarrying equipment, vehicle shredders, and mining excavators need maximum durability, they use Hardox®. Our partnership with SSAB brings you Hardox® bodies – the toughest, lightest, and best looking bodies in the industry.

  • tbh


    Petersen TBH

    Both our TBS and TBH bodies are built to withstand heavy use, so you can haul brush, concrete, or even cars without a second thought. Unrivaled durability means fewer maintenance headaches, less downtime, and more work done.

  • tl3


    Petersen TL3

    The model TL-3 Lightning Loader® is a grapple loader mounted to a chassis from behind the cab, equipped with Petersen’s standard trash bucket at the end of the boom. The loader operates from a fixed platform located behind the chassis cab. CNG Capable.

  • buumerang


    IPL Buumerang

    The optimal solution
    for organic waste collection.
    Specially designed to support
    your green waste management plan.

  • selectus


    IPL Enviro Selectus URBAN SERIES

    Selectus is built for industrial, commercial,
    and institutional environments. The dual top lid
    allows users to offer two types of collection with
    a single container. It’s the perfect match for our
    industry-leading Mastercart, the durable easy-store
    and easy-use roll-out cart designed for lasting
    performance and leak protection. It can be used
    indoors and out and features smooth surfaces
    for easy cleaning.

  • ctzencart_series


    IPL Enviro Ctzencart Series

    The Ctzencart series
    add to its line the
    state of the art
    of organic collection

  • ctzen_series


    IPL Ctzencart Series

    The Ctzencart series
    celebrates beauty through
    functionality, and the
    power of design.

  • Mastercart_Series


    IPL Mastercart Series

    Our wide range of tough and
    durable carts will support all your
    requirements for organic, waste
    and recycling collection.